Airports & transportation

Create a calming, clean environment for high traffic areas.

High traffic transport environments, such as airports and train stations, are heavily exposed to dirt and moisture, yet must be easily cleaned to remain attractive and hygienic for travellers. Because acrylic solid surfaces can be cut, shaped and joined to fit precisely with no visible joints where dirt may accumulate, cleaning is straightforward and fast. Acrylic solid surface is an attractive choice for seating, service desks, information points, wall cladding and restrooms. Cleaning and ongoing maintenance is easy, making it an economical option long term.

Acrylic solid surfaces are also perfectly suited to nautical travel such as yachts and cruise ships. The elegance and luxury of the finishes achievable with acrylic solid surface are matched only by its practicality – seamless joins and resistance to moisture, sun and salt make it an ideal solution for any ocean-going vessel.

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Key benefits of acrylic solid surfaces for airports & transportation

These are just some of the benefits of using acrylic solid surface for airports & transportation:

  • design flexibility and luxury finish
  • durability – acrylic solid surfaces display excellent resistance to stains, discolouration and impact, especially in high traffic areas
  • hygiene – inconspicuous joins make your acrylic solid surfaces incredibly easy to clean
  • nonporous – acrylic solid surfaces are completely non porous, making them resistant to the growth of mould or mildew
  • sun, salt and moisture resistant

Examples of acrylic solid surface in airports & transportation