Furniture & design

Challenge the limits of design with acrylic solid surfaces.

At Deeley Fabrications MK, we never fail to be amazed at the innovation and elegance of the furniture and design pieces we’re asked to fabricate. Acrylic solid surface is such a flexible, exciting material that there really is no limit to what an imaginative designer can achieve.

Acrylic solid surface can be shaped, etched and combined with other materials. It can be cut, routed, sandblasted, engraved or carved, moulded or thermoformed, inlaid or backlit. It can be used to create tables, chairs, desks, shelving and display units, side boards, wall hangings, ornaments, conceptual installations – the sky’s the limit. Give us a call at DFMK – we can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Key benefits of acrylic solid surfaces for furniture & design

These are just some of the benefits of using acrylic solid surface for your furniture & design project:

  • unparalleled design flexibility – with unlimited shape, colour and texture combinations, you have complete freedom in your design
  • able to combine with other materials
  • strength and durability – acrylic solid surfaces display excellent resistance to stains, discolouration and impact
  • nonporous – you needn’t be limited by environment – acrylic solid surface is non-porous and weather resistant

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Examples of acrylic solid surface & furniture design