Museums & galleries

Create an environment to complement your exhibits.

Designing museums, galleries and other public spaces can be a challenging task. Fittings such as seatingcladding, casings, display units and staircases need to be hardwearing enough to withstand large visitor numbers without looking utilitarian or pedestrian. With acrylic solid surfaces there is no need to compromise. You can create bespoke installations that perfectly compliment your space and exhibits, while delivering durability and value.

At Deeley Fabrications MK we’ve seen some amazing uses of acrylic solid surfaces, from large scale wall cladding to exquisitely crafted display boxes. Acrylic solid surface can be formed in organic shapes and undulating curves and combined with other materials such as wood, metal and glass. Translucent colours can be backlit and surfaces can be fabricated with image transfers and engraving. In addition, acrylic solid surface is easy to clean and extremely durable – combining beauty with practicality.

Key benefits of acrylic solid surfaces for museums & galleries

These are just some of the benefits of using acrylic solid surface for your kitchen project:

  • design flexibility – with unlimited shape, colour and texture combinations, you have complete freedom in your design
  • durability – acrylic solid surfaces display excellent resistance to stains, discolouration and impact
  • hygiene – inconspicuous joins make acrylic solid surfaces incredibly easy to clean
  • nonporous – acrylic solid surfaces are completely non porous, making them resistant to the growth of mould or mildew

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Examples of acrylic solid surface museums & galleries