KRION_Solid Surface_Debajo copyKRION®

KRION® is a next generation solid surface developed by Systempool, a PORCELANOSA Group company. KRION® has very good fire resistance and is extrememley durable – it can withstand extreme environments such as marine environments, exposure to steam, immersion in water or icy environments.KRION® figures and sheets can be bonded by means of chemical welding kits with the same formula that is used to produce the pieces, therefore ensuring the chemical and physical continuity of the joints. If you’re looking for a long lasting, pure white, look no further than KRION®. KRION® Stone reaches a degree of whiteness of 99,8%, which combined with its high refraction index creates a bright and pure material makes it unique among other solid materials. Additionally, due to smaller particles used in manufacturing, this range thermoforms beautifully well with very limited colour fade.

Key benefits of KRION®

These are just some of the reasons that Deeley Fabrications MK find KRION® such a great material to work with:

  • Ultra white and high refraction index
  • High fire rating
  • High resistance to deterioration caused by ultraviolet radiation (UV)
  • High resistance to extreme environments
  • Unlimited options for combining shapes, levels, edge details and colours
  • Homogenous joins
  • Thermoformed pieces enabling organic curves and undulations and coving detail
  • Hygienic, easy-clean surface
  • 100% recyclable
  • 10 year guarantee

KRION® brochures & technical information

To view the latest brochures and technical specifications please visit the suppliers website by clicking the button. This is an external link.