Biotech Reception Desk Case Study

Biotech Reception Desk Case Study


DFMK was called upon by Robin Dussek of Bespoke Wizard to create a new reception desk for an international biotech company. Bespoke Wizard specialises in one-off, bespoke furniture design and joinery as part of commercial contracts.

The requirement

The brief was to create a design for a reception desk integrating large flat screens to promote new corporate branding at the building’s entrance. The client wanted the design to be ‘clean’, ‘uncluttered’, ‘monolithic’, and ‘rectilinear’.

The new design needed to include additional storage for the receptionist’s use, and better cable management to minimise desktop wires and sockets. We also needed to factor in equal access (i.e. DDA) to the design for wheelchair users.

The project handover was due for a re-branding launch, and we were specified with tight turnaround times to fulfil this.


The solution

Providing hand sketches and full colour CAD renders, Bespoke Wizard proposed and confirmed a design, with DFMK providing approval drawings.

Bespoke Wizard liaised closely with the client, the AV provider and DFMK, to ensure the large flat screens would fit and work as intended. They worked closely with the client’s IT and facilities team, to ensure optimal power, data provision and connectivity.

The desk was created in Glacier White Corian, for a clean and sleek finish. The enhanced durability and hygienic properties of Corian make it a strong choice for the desk, as it will stay looking bright and fresh with minimal regular cleaning.


The timeline and delivery program were very tight for this project. The deadline was only achievable through DFMK’s commitment, speed, and response time. The quality of decision-making from all stakeholders enabled the designs to be progressed quickly, with a high level of confidence.

Physical access for the delivery and installation of the product was also a challenge. Bespoke Wizard took special care to ensure access to the building to install the final design, as it had to be a ‘one-piece’ construction.




As with all successful projects, it takes a team effort. The client team was exceptional; they remained focused, knowledgeable and helpful throughout.

The DFMK design and manufacturing team reflected Bespoke Wizard’s total commitment to the project and the program. Bespoke Wizard’s willingness to make a minor alteration to the design following a factory visit, helped us progress unhindered.

Robin Dussek, Bespoke Wizard, had this to say about working with DFMK:

DFMK were a joy to work with. The process was easy, and the team inspired confidence throughout. Their speed of response at all stages particularly impressed me. The design team quickly grasped the requirements of the technical and engineering aspects of the design. They were able to work with me to resolve technical design issues quickly, and they displayed pin-sharp attention to detail.

“Their fast lead time was crucial for this time-critical project. I’d recommend DFMK for speed of turn-around and responsiveness. They have a knowledgeable and helpful team, totally committed to customer service.”

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