Image transfer & engraving

Extend your designs by incorporating branding, images and writing in your acrylic solid surface installation. Images, logos and writing can be transferred onto acrylic solid surface using a variety of different methods, including sublimation, digital printing and engraving.

Using an exciting process called dye sublimation, even the most intricate images can be embedded into acrylic solid surface. The dye sublimation process involves transferring an image into a sheet of acrylic solid surface. The printed solid surface can then be fabricated and thermoformed in the same way as unprinted solid surface and the permanent image remains within the surface.

Alternatively, we can also engrave your designs directly onto the acrylic solid surface to exact specifications using CNC machinery. Engraving achieves classic, sophisticated results which will take you designs to a whole new level.

Examples of image transfer & engraving