Power up with the Corian charging surface

The future is wireless.


We know our customers are forward thinking and value innovative design; so we’re always looking for smart and efficient ways to fuse technology and lifestyle whilst maintaining convenience, quality and aesthetics. That’s why we know you’re going be as excited about the Corian Charging Surface as we are.

Simply put, the Corian Charging Surface is an area on your counter top that allows you to wirelessly power up your smart device by simply placing it within a specified area. No need for wires, no need to search for a charger or a power socket. Whether it’s integrated into your home, office or a retail environment, the Corian Charging Surface is leading the way in wireless charging solutions.

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Here’s how it works:

corian-chargin-surface-2For those of you already familiar with Qi cordless charging for android phones or the Duracell powermats for iPhone; both these devices enable phones to wirelessly guzzle power when in contact with either the Qi station or charging mat. Dupont have taken this technology one step further and have teamed up with PMA (Power Matters Alliance)to innovatively integrating a charging unit, seamlessly, into a Corian solid surface to enable a charging ‘hotspot’.

Phones such as Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, LG (G3, G4, Optimus, Spectrum, Lucid) and Google Nexus 6 have wireless charging technology built in. For devices that don’t already have wireless charging functions built in, a stylish looking ring plug-in can be used to activate charging.

That’s not all, the design possibilities using Corian acrylic solid surface are limitless and the colour options, extensive. Add to that its high quality, durability and resistance to stains, this is yet another reason this adaptable material is an ideal surface for wireless charging integration.


“In an age where social connectivity dominates our lives – powering up your device just got easier”

The Corian Charging Surface can be featured into any design. Take a look at some of our work here www.dfmk.co.uk. Want to find out more? Drop us a line at here to discuss your design brief or for a free quote, or simply for more information.

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