Guildhall School of Music & Drama

Guildhall School of Music & DramaGuildhall School of Music & Drama

Working in conjunction with Sir Robert McAlpine, Lindner and RHWL Architects,  this is one of the biggest projects that we have done. It involved cladding the inside and outside stair treads of four sets of stairwells in HI-MACS® Fiery Red and Alpine White, 7 stories high! But that wasn’t all….. we were also tasked with cladding all the balcony façades and numerous bulkheads.

The idea was to create surfaces that would never require painting in order to reduce long term costs and increase the environmental credentials of the building. Furthermore, a lot of the areas that were cladded, wouldn’t be accessible once the building was completed.

The end result has brought the architects vision to life with a striking and practical solution.

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